Padova Practical Information

Cultural Life: 

The University of Padova has a Centre for musical activities and performances, an orchestra, a theatre group of international students, student associations, etc. For further information:

Health Insurance: 

The MEDfOR Consortium has signed an agreement with the insurance company Marsh (S.A.-N.V.) Boulevard du Souverain 2, B-1170 Brussels, BELGIUM. The EMIS 2 contract provides each student with an insurance scheme fully compliant with EACEA minimum requirements. Please click here for more information.


SASSA Service, the accommodation service of the University of Padova, will offer to the grantees a room in the University residences nearest to the faculty. The grantees will have to fill in an online application form in order to receive an accommodation offer from SASSA. They will then have to accept the offer and sign a contract. Deadline for application is usually the 30th of June for the upcoming academic year and the 15th of November for the second semester. Late applications will not be accepted:

Self paying students who would like to spend the first year in Padova should make their applications at the SASSA Service before their official acceptance to the MEDfOR program. Second year students who would like to come to Padova for their thesis work during the 4th semester should also make the request before they are officially accepted by the supervisor.

Language Courses: 

The CLA - Centro Linguistico di Ateneo promotes, organizes and offers Italian language courses for all foreign students. The courses cover levels A1 to C2 of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Registered students and lecturers are free to use the multimedia facilities and the language laboratory for self-learning; they can also have access to audiovisual and computerized resources. Courses for MEDfOR students (1st and 2nd year) are organized as an intensive learning activity in September before the lectures start (beginning of October). All interested students have to do an online test in order to be placed into the right level of the course.
Please visit here CLA website

Residence Permit: 

Within 8 working days after the student’ arrival in Italy, the residence permit application will be processed for all the beneficiaries staying for more than 90 days or possessing a study visa.

The SAOS Office, “Welcoming Service for Foreign Guests” of the University of Padova, located next to International Relation Office, will receive the students during these 8 days in order to help them filling in and submitting their “application kit” and all the necessary documents on time.

Fees: The application fee for resident permit is 27.50 EUR. Applicants will also have to pay a revenue stamp of 16 EUR and 30 EUR for the process of application to the post office.
The residence permit itself costs 80 Euros for periods shorter or equal to one year.


The University Sports Centre (CUS) is the widest sports club in the area, counting nearly 5000 members, who regularly participate in competitions such as the Ludi del Bo and the University Games.
Many non-competitive sports courses (fitness, skating, five-a-side soccer, tennis, volley, golf, dance, pilates, gliding, sailing, etc.) are organized by the Centre and open to students and staff. Competitive sports at CUS are: athletics, rugby, field hockey, fencing, greco-roman wrestling, judo, cross-country skiing, soccer, gliding, tennis and wheelchair basket. See:


The International Relations Office will issue an Invitation letter for the visa application, and contact the Italian embassies and consulates involved. We will regularly check with the grantees the progress status of their visa application, if they might need any additional document.

Website For more information please visit the website of the University of Padova or read the Erasmus Mundus welcome guide, please click here 

Lectures for MEDfOR students are organized at the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in Legnaro outside the centre of Padova. About how to reach the campus “Agripolis” and how to study check the special Foreign students welcome guide:

More Information: 

Studying in Padova:

Lectures for MEDfOR students are organized at the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in Legnaro, outside the centre of Padova. The responsible department is the Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry (TeSAF):

Academic calendar:
1st Semester: beginning of October – end of February
2nd Semester: beginning of March – end of July

Thesis work:

The normal thesis work flow is: (i) thesis subject is agreed with one of the Master teachers (mentor), with the assistance of one or more other persons (“Co-mentors”). Co-mentors can be people working outside the university. The student is free to select the mentor; selection should be based on mentor’s scientific background in relation to the thesis objective. The selection of thesis objective and contacts with partners should be defined by the end of the third semester, (ii) when the thesis is finalized, students make a formal request to be admitted to the thesis defense. For the thesis defense the University of Padova sets up sessions in June, July, September and October. In every session one day is dedicated to the theses defense of all students of Forest Science. For every session there are deadlines for the application to the thesis defense around 5 weeks before the date. The deadlines and the defense date are published in the web site of the School and are available at the Erasmus office. (iii) thesis defense is public and will be in front of the Master thesis Commission made up of 5 professors. Co-mentors might be invited to participate as extra members to the Commission, if they wish.

You can find more information on the procedure on this webpage:

An optional additional procedure can be applied for high quality thesis work. In this case, upon request by the student and decision of the mentor, the thesis is reviewed by an external reviewer. In this case the thesis must be submitted in advance, i.e. 4 weeks before the defense date. The review assessment of the thesis will be considered by the Master thesis Commission in defining the thesis mark.

If students are conducting their field work in a country outside Europe (e.g. in Africa, Latin America or south east Asia) they can apply for a financial contribution for covering their travel costs up to 700 €.

What to bring to Padova

Shoes with good soles and rain coats are necessary for the excursions, especially for 1st year students.
For every day life, please check the information of the SASSA Service

The city of Padova and transport facilities

Usually Erasmus Mundus students are living in Padova and have to come to the campus every day by bus or by bicycle. (Busitalia company) it takes about 30 minutes from the city center to Legnaro by bus. The final destination is called like the campus, “Agripolis”.

City of Padova: